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Milled from Hungarian grown yellow mustard seed (Sinapis alba) which has had the myrosinase enzyme inactivated by heating the seed before it is ground into flour.

This natural product contains all the high valued components of mustard seed, except its hot flavour.


Physical specifications:

Colour: Light yellow

Flavour: Clean, non hot

Odour: Mild, without off aromas

Sieve analysis: 5% bigger than 315 microns

75% between 200-315 microns

95% smaller than 315 microns


Chemical specifications:

Moisture 8% max.

Protein: 26% max.

Oil: Carbohydrates: 20% min.

Ash: 5% max.


Microbiological specification:

Standard plate count: 10.000/gram

Salmonella: negative

Sulfide reducing organisms: 10/gram

Coliform: less than 10/gram

Yeast: 100/gram

Mould: 100/gram


Shelf life: one year in correct storage conditions


Storage: in cool, dark and dry areas


Packaging: in multivall paper bags of 25 kg


Properties of the product in application:

  • increased water absorbing capacity

  • increased fat absorbing capacity

  • increases emulsifying capacity and stability

  • enhances flavor and colour

  • reduces liwuid forming by separation in the packaged product

  • reduces the loss during cooking

  • delays the development of rancidity of food product containing fat

Further advanteges of application:

  • powder form, easy storage and free-flowing for measuring and incorporation

  • cheaper natural additive replacing same expensive raw materials used for their protein and dry-matter contents

  • superior nutritive value with outstanding potential for being added to or combined with animal or vegetable food products


Recommended method of application:


Rate of inclusion: 5-15 g/kg food product.


Because of the above listed properties, this product can be added to meat products, primarily to red meat products- or to vegetable-based products in which it can replace egg, and for action as a thickener in sauces, ketchups and mayonnaises.


Approximately 30% of other proteins used as emulsion stabilizers can be replaced by thes product.

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Cím: 2142 Nagytarcsa, Naplás út 20.
Tel.: +36-30-525-8834
Kapcsolattartó: dr. Kreschka János kereskedelmi vezető